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How to Introduce Healthy Food to Your Family

How to Stay Healthy?

A easy and really efficient resolution how to introduce healthy food to your family
Healthy Family

If 10 years ago anyone would have instructed me that fruits are very healthy....... Healthy for on a regular basis's eating as an excellent source of vitamins.... And even mandatory - eating fruits is A MUST as a pure medication for human body.... I'd have replied: "Sure, indeed! I know this very well! I love fruits and eat fruits daily!"

However with age (as early as after 25 y.o.) I began to develop issues of health: LARGE problems - that brought with them many troubles, sleepless nights and worrying complications. In addition to small problems that obviously decrease my work productiveness, made me much less outgoing and rip me off for a lot of hours of enjoying the great state of bodily health when every little thing was OK. 
Normally, all these health issues took a lot of my time and money... Till I realised the merely secret that......... Even during all my adult life, I never developed a effectively-deserved appreciation as well as correct attitude towards fruits and greens. I am not afraid to name the rationale bluntly - usually it's a lack of knowledge and lack of information. 

Only then I understood that in reality I used to take fruits 'with no consideration'. That time the advantage of my 'eating fruits' was diminished to the very minimum as I eat only 1-2 fruits per day, normally after lunch or at breakfast time. If I occurred to become hungry in between meals or on my strategy to work, dwelling and so on, I would reasonably want to have a light snack of a sandwich or a roll, but definitely not fruit. Whereas it's the FRUITS that SHOULD be eaten on empty stomach - to derive extra benefit as fruits are beneficial to eaten separately without different food.

If.... If earlier I might have been advised that I don't use fruits for sustaining my good health, I would've replied angrily "No, what do you imply! Certainly I use fruits! But my life- fashion may be very busy, a lot of exhausting work, infinite stresses and, on high of all, poor ecology. These all affect my health very negatively. And can fruits do something about that????!"
However now, seeking to past, I need to and I will admit: "Fruits and greens CAN dramatically change one's health. Especially if one is aware of HOW, WHEN AND WHAT TO MAKE USE OF for a specific health downside.....

In conclusion, the foremost motive of “Not going GREEN” and due to this fact, not benefitting enough from the Nature’s beneficiant treasures continues to be hidden in the LACK of appropriate presentation of this worthwhile information!

Then even if dad and mom don’t value these blessings of mom-nature, then how can one blame children for refusing to eat these Nature’s treasures whereas even those that wish to lead a healthy life model, don’t have a full image of WHAT vegetables and fruits can do to at least one’s body and mind!

Even when we now have a fundamental picture comparable to: “carrot is nice for eye-sight, oranges – to spice up immune system, watermelon supplies excellent cleaning impact”, nonetheless, with a purpose to convince not solely any person but even your self, we've got to get extra useful info. And, usually, this “data” comes in a form of boring statistic info or uninteresting, grey vitamin tables.

Stop! Please, stop for a moment! Don’t you perceive that even you and I, like another adult of any age, gained’t pay ample (enough) attention to any info if it presented in a such ‘mind-numbing’ (dreary, uninteresting) form. This isn't the method to encourage, somewhat on the contrary, it is a highly efficient and faster method to make anyone bored!
Nevertheless, then what to say about young children and their tiny inquisitive minds, whose studying skills efficiency is best when powered by shiny, colourful associations and sharp fantasy-world imagination.
Little doubt, anybody will agree with me, it doesn't matter what age we are, all of us would favor to read text which can be combined with enticing, eye-catching photos! That’s why the ability of colour-science is an impartial science. And so many fascinating books, analysis papers, scientific proof and related articles are devoted to colors’ physiological effect on individuals’s mind.
Also, the second emphasis is on how the studying material is offered. Do not generalize, but personalize.
It is now not a secret that the best, TOP learn articles (with highest reputation and browse coefficient) in magazines, newspapers and many others. are tales with a predominant character i.e. a narration, with primary hero, with sequential unwinding of a story: with a starting, intervening occurrences and fruits, even if this is just a short narration about an event or product. If any readable materials is interlinked with a person and his/her private experiences, it is at all times easier to read, simpler to accept and simpler to recollect. That’s why we all the time learn testimonials, as they arrive from any individual and are put in simple words that’s easy to digest.

As for myself, till the age of 30 I by no means showed much interest in the direction of vegetables and, I'm ashamed to say, even some fruits. And it's not that I wasn’t conscious of healthy eating, of ‘greens’ advantages – indeed I heard and browse every now and then about it, however it didn’t create that vivid picture in my reminiscence that might lead me on and be my ‘guiding star’ in my and my family’s eating plan (schedule). 

Fortunately enough, on my 30-th birthday I received not only best needs and E-playing cards, but amongst quite a few emails there was an unusual e-mail from one of my friends. It contained a large juicy picture of a pineapple, and a link with the unusual words 
Healthy Birthday! A present to your that hidden in... pineapples!?? 
The link leads to an article, really more correctly, to an entertaining story about pineapples.

In a light-weight form this story tells a couple of mother and her little son. And, on the similar time, it is a very informative conception about benefits of pineapples (and fruits normally) that convey data to the HEART of the reader. This technique not simply narrates, it ensures that the one who reads (or listens to) will SOAK UP, HEAR and BEAR IN MIND the necessary details about this story!
Easy phrases make their way to the reader’s thoughts and coronary heart, creating in his/her conscious ‘reside’ photos of a bit of sickly boy, his concerned mother and a deliciously juicy pineapple. The story also has an ethical (and even business-minded) value because it concludes on a short notice that this little boy determined to help different individuals to remain healthy, and when he grew up, he became a medical scientist and businessman – he started a unique fruit-vegetables shop in his small town.

…To continue my own path to Healthy Food…
Being inspired by this primary contact of this new method and introduction to fruits and vegetables to the Thoughts and Coronary heart, I was very excited to read the next story from the identical book. Then the following, then all other tales which were out there to be read on-line on the website (tales from the brand new book that's obtainable in bookstore at amazon: The Storyteller’s information to health food).
I can bear in mind, the second story was about beetroot (once more a very unique fairytale-like story about 3 sisters - beetroot of various sorts, but with numerous info, tips and even recipes). The third story was on watermelon. That exact story I happened to learn in summer season and this time I learn it aloud to my mates as a result of I wanted to verify what their reactions would be. The impact can discuss for itself – my pals’ appreciation towards watermelon and, after all, later towards all fruits and greens increased immensely. Furthermore, they enthusiastically copied the story and shared it with their family, loved ones and even with neighbors. 
No must say that acquaintance with this good concepts and progressive methodology uncovered in these wonderful books of the undertaking KindBook became a turning point not solely in my life, but in life of my family and associates. Furthermore, regularly and steadily it opened a new door in the lives of all those who are involved about health and the value of healthy food.

If you are about to make your first step in HEALING your self and HEALING our planet: go away those ‘boring’ %-tables for later! Firstly try to kindle in folks a flame of interest in Nature’s presents to humanity! Heal yourself, then Heal others. With this distinctive method make them enthusiastic to increase their vitality, productivity and health! And to show our future generation how to be the best residents of our Planet Earth: kind, healthy, profitable!
And, final but not least! Remember the GOLDEN RULE: the extra goodness you carry into the lives of others, the extra goodness will come back to you! 

Let me want all of you what I wish for myself and my family - BEST HEALTH!

(With compliments from the grateful reader of the guide that's obtainable in bookstore at amazon: The Storyteller’s Information to Healthy Food by A.Lopatina and M.Skrebtsova).