Friday, July 28, 2017

Finding Balance And Health With Yoga

Have you heard about the Gunas? No, they aren't Disney characters! Based on yoga there are three basic qualities or energies that make up everything. They are, rajas, tamas and sattva.

Finding Balance And Health With Yoga

Finding Balance And Health With Yoga
Finding Balance And Health With Yoga

Rajas is the energy of action, change and movement. Rajas is the fuel of ardour and fire. Rajasic energy can also be related with the day gentle hours. We obviously need rajasic energy to create energy to maneuver efficiently all through our world and lives. When we now have too much rajasic energy we'd seem to the skin world as extremely busy, go go go, do do do! Does this sound like you? Maintaining a excessive diploma of rajasic energy leads to burn out! When rajas is out of balance the mind and physique are overstimulated, the thoughts becomes stressed and also you expertise a variety of uncontrollable ideas.

Foods which can be rajasic include: spicy meals, fried foods, coffee / caffeinated beverages/ stimulants/ fish, eggs, chocolate, foods which are very bitter, sour, dry and salty. Eating in a hurry can also be thought of rajasic

Tamas can be thought of as the opposite of rajas. Tamasic energy is related with a state of inactivity and inertia, heaviness and darkness. When tamas is out of balance your ability to motive becomes clouded and you might expertise the darker feelings akin to anger or greed. Just as there's more rajasic energy current in daytime, tamasic energy is present during nighttime. People who are very tamasic is perhaps depressed or seem lazy. Typically talking illness states are tamasic.

Examples of tamasic food include: meat, alcohol, tobacco, onions, fermented meals – vinegar or robust cheese, stale food or over ripe meals, overly processed meals or chemically treated. Overeating is taken into account tamasic.

Sattva is energy that is in a state of concord and balance. Positive psychological and emotional states of pleasure and intelligence are related with sattva. An individual who was experiencing a number of sattvic energy would appear very completely satisfied. Sattvic energy is also consistent with therapeutic states and in Ayurveda (yoga’s sister science) sattvic energy is actively cultivated. Sattvic energy is most present through the times between mild and dark- in different phrases dusk and dawn. An individual on the yogic path is targeted on growing sattva and for that reason yoga asana and meditation are classically carried out at these times.

Meals which might be sattvic embody: whole grains, contemporary fruits and vegetables, pure fruit juice, legumes, milk, butter, nuts, seeds, sprouted seeds, honey and herb teas.

You will need to understand that we all have all three gunas within us. And whereas that is true we tend to have a predominant guna. Based mostly on the descriptions above can you determine what yours is? It is good to be aware of this because once you're aware of your predominant guna then you may predict how might react to sure life circumstances as properly know your strengths and weaknesses. You’ll know when you'll are usually thrown out of balance and what you'll need to do to deliver yourself again into balance.

You also may need times in our lives when one guna is more active then another. Maybe you've gotten very energetic time and really productive (rajasic). Or a period when you have got been depressed (tamasic). Or a time once we are very balanced and in tune with your spirituality (satvic).

One other method the gunas present up in our lives and immediately effect us is thru the food we eat. Take into account for a minute the average American diet with overly processed and chemically treated foods which are very tamasic. Modern science now confirms that these meals items are instantly linked to major diseases together with most cancers, weight problems, diabetes and heart disease. As talked about above an excessive amount of tamasic energy leads to illness states. We also know that foods of their whole type such as grains, recent fruits and vegetables (sattvic foods) are life sustaining and produce health and energy.

Do you observe yoga postures (asana)? How do the gunas present up right here? Is your asana apply fiery and passionate? Was your practice was gradual and lazy? Or was it balanced?

It's most likely changing into clear to you by now that to be healthy, joyful, and stay a balance life it is very important cultivate sattva in your life. This can be performed by:

Decreasing rajas and tamas
Turning into aware of when you are out of balance- which guna appears most modern?
Enhance activities and environments that produce constructive thoughts
Eating a healthy, sattvic oriented eating regimen
Certain herbs (subject for an additional article)
The apply of yoga: pranayama (breathing practices), asana (postures), meditation